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All our forms come with brief instructions on how to fill out each form. We also recommend that you get legal outlines for the subject matter for each form or kit. These legal outlines will not make you a lawyer, but they will give you a better understanding of the law and alert you to common mistakes people make and and often held misconceptions about a particular point of the law. For example, most of use consider the spouses of our aunts and uncles our aunts and uncles just like the siblings of our parents, but the law does not see it that way. Our aunts are only the sisters of our mother or father and our uncles are only the sisters of our mother or father. If in a will you bequeathed "to my aunts,) only your blood kin would take, not the spouse of your uncles. Nieces and nephews are the same, only blood kin counts in the law.

These outlines are written by experienced attorneys and are very much like the legal outlines which are prepared for law school classes. As a matter of fact, many law school students buy our outlines as a study aid for their law school classes. State law is different between the states and the outlines will give the majority opinion on conflicts between states. 

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