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Real Property

Real Property can be a very complex and difficult field of the law. Many law school students feel that real property classes are the most difficult of law school classes. Because property issues can be so complicated and property law has many nuances and quirks that the average layman can make costly mistakes dealing with property law issues, a skilled and experienced attorney is often needed. Nevertheless, if you are in need of a simple lease agreement, or deed, or if you feel you are very skilled and have experience in property dealings, money and time can be saved by using a fill in the blank form.


Real property is conveyed, (transfer ownership of or title to,) by use of a instrument called a deed. There are several different types of deeds. There are Warranty Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Corporation Warranty Deeds and Partnership Warranty Deeds.

A General Warranty Deed is what is most often used to convey real property by an individual. This deed warrantees that the seller owns the property and has good and marketable title. A Quitclaim Deed is used when an individual wants to relinquish all their rights to a piece of property. There is no warranty that they have any rights to the property or any other warranty. A quitclaim deed simply is saying that you give whatever you have. You could legally give a quitclaim deed for the Golden Gate Bridge. You would not be giving anything  because you don't have any interest in the bridge. Quitclaim Deeds are most often used in divorces.

Please go to the Deeds page for more information about deeds and to download deed forms.


As with all property law, evictions are covered by state law and there are differences among the states as to landlord and tenants rights. Historically, tenants have very few rights, however, in recent years most states have passed laws give substantial rights to tenants. To download forms for eviction and details about the law on landlord and tenants rights in various states, got the Evictions page.


A Lien is an attachment to real property That is notice that the owner of the property owes the lien claimant a debt. The real property cannot be sold without the lien on it being satisfied or removed. The Liens page has information about liens and forms for liens.

Mortgage Foreclosure

One the Mortgage Foreclosure page you can find links to download mortgage foreclosure forms and information about the law of foreclosures. If you hold a mortgage you can use the forms to make documents to foreclose or if are in danger of facing foreclosure you can find information about your rights.

Quite Title

A complaint to Quite Title is used when a party is claiming title by adverse possession or if a boundary line is in dispute. You can download the forms for a Quite Title action here.

Rental Leases

As stated above, the different stats have different laws as to landlords and tenants. to download a lease for your state and to find out about the laws of the various state go to the Leases page.