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This the place to get professionally prepared legal forms, legal outlines, and in-depth legal thesis. All our forms are prepared by an experienced attorney and are just  $9.99 each. There are forms for personal as well as business use. Whatever your need for legal documents, there is something for you here.

Please note that nothing on this website, nor anything contained in any of the legal outlines, and in-depth legal thesis, constitute legal advice to you. If you need legal advice or an attorney to be your advocate, find a lawyer at this link.

Check out the Legal Kits page for kits which contain multiple forms and outlines. Legal kits are just $29.99.

There are many places on the Internet to buy legal forms but many of there are priced so high that you could get the advice of an attorney and the documents done for not much more than the cost of their forms. There are others with cheap forms but they are cookie cutter forms that will fix very few users needs. We have a huge number of forms and and documents and everything is reasonable priced.

There are resources here for you to truly do it yourself. Buying legal forms and documents off the Web is not hiring an Internet lawyer. You are doing the legal work for yourself. If you can use the resources here and your our skills and intelligence, you can save a great deal of money. Nevertheless, for many legal matters, the law is just too complex, and in some cases, illogical, for the average lay person to understand what they are doing. If you have any doubt, contact an attorney

If you are sure you want to do it yourself, this is the place and our forms and resources are the documents to use.

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Your forms and documents will come to you online in pdf format. Online forms and legal outlines are $9.99 and you will received them within 24 hours. If you choose, you may have paper documents and paper, fill in the blank forms mailed to you, rather than digital online documents. Paper forms and outlines are $15.99 and will be mailed to you within three business days of your order.

In-depth legal thesis are  $29.99 in pdf format and hardcopy in-depth legal thesis are $49.99.