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Family Law

Sadly, when we think of family law we most often think of divorce, and divorce is the reason most ordinary people well seek an attorney, but the is much more to family law than divorce. Family law also deals with such thing as adoption and name changes.

Adoptions & Legitimations

Adoptions are covered by state law. Generally, any person of the age of majority can adopt another person who is under the age of majority. In most states, adoptions are conducted in the Probate Court of the county in which the child resides, or where the Petitioner, (person doing the adopting,) lives. If the child is in the care and control of an agency the adoption can be done there.

Step-parent Adoption

Some states have special rules as to step-parent adoption.  Typically, step-parent adoption is a streamlined process without some of the inspection and verifications which is required in other adoptions. Some states also allow the adopted child to inherit through the adopted parent and also though the natural parent.

Visit the Adoptions page for all about adoptions and legitimations.

Conservatorship - Guardianship

Conservatorships and guardianships are listed on the estate planning page but this is a topic of family law as well.  Go to the estate planning page for information and links to download conservatorship or a guardianship forms.


If your divorce is going to be uncontested you can save tons of money by doing the paperwork yourself. If your spouse is going to contest the divorce or the settlement you should seek a good divorce attorney or look into a mediated divorce.

For uncontested divorces we offer a divorce kit with all the forms you need to do your own uncontested divorce. Click over to the Divorce page for forms and more information.

Legal Separation

A Legal Separation or a Divorce A Mensa Thoro, is a divorce from bed and board, but is does not dissolve the bonds of matrimony; the parties are still married. these legal separations are very rare and there are only a couple of reason why anyone would want a Legal Separation as opposed to a regular divorce. The Divorce page has information and forms for Legal Separations.

Name Change

An adult can change his or her name very easily and it is through the Probate Court in most states. A minor child must be represented by a Guardian ad Litem and in most cases both parents must consent. Got to the Name Change page for more information and downloadable forms.

Petition to Modify or Rule Nisi

A Petition to Modify is used after a divorce is final or after a child custody agreement has been reached, and one or both parties wish to change a term or terms of the agreement. You can go directly to the Petition to Modify page for information and forms for a Rule Nisi.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

The Pre-Nuptial Agreement page has detail information about pre-nuptial agreements, (sometimes called Ante-Nuptial Agreements,) and post-nuptial agreements.