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In-depth Legal Thesis

Out in-depth legal thesis are comprehensive treatise of a particular area of the law. Each is written by an expert on the subject, but are written to a lay reader. It is the objective that any individual of average intelligence and average general experience and education can  understand the concept without then need for previous law school or legal training.

The authors are practicing attorneys, judges, law school professors, and other professional people with applicable knowledge, education and skills to write on the subject.

The cost for each thesis is $29.99 in pdf format or $49.99 for a mailed paper copy.

It is not the purpose of the thesis to make you a legal expert or to turn you into an attorney but rather to give ordinary people in their normal walks of like access to legal knowledge that effects them. This knowledge can help you deal with your attorney and way his or her advice, and can give you an understanding of what is involved if you decide to represent yourself in a judicial proceeding or in a legal action. The thesis are not intended to take the place of a lawyer or to be legal advice to you in any way.   

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