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Non-Disclosure Agreements

Nondisclosure agreements are contracts to protect the trade secrets of a business or individual. As contracts, nondisclosure agreements must meet the general contractual rules of offer, acceptance, and consideration. To learn more about the rules of contracts visit the Legal Outlines and In-depth Legal Thesis pages to get outlines and legal treatises on contracts.

Protecting your valuable trade secrets is important to your business. American companies lose billions of dollars every year by the theft of their trade secrets by employees, former employees, competitors, and others. Consider buying an in-depth thesis on nondisclosures agreements to better arm you with information to protect your property.

Nondisclosure agreements or contracts can only protect trade secrets. For a thing to be a trade secret is must:

  • not be generally known or ascertainable through legal methods;
  • be the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy, and
  • have economic value and/or it must provide a competitive advantage.
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  • Student Nondisclosure Agreement 
  • Visitor Nondisclosure Agreement 
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