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Appellate Procedure

A.  Need final jj to appeal.

B.  When is a judgment final? 

1.  pretrial dispositions:  the party seeking drafts the jj

a.  include all the parties

b.  all the claims

c.  Mother Hubbard clause

2.  trial & verdict => @ trial w/ verdict & jj => presumption

3.  jj not reduced to writing? 

a.  Dunn v. Dunn  oral jj of divorce, then H drops dead right after; W wants all the money and files motion to dismiss b/c jj only pronounced and not final

b.  rule:  pronouncement = final and too late to get rid of jj (but to appeal you need to get it in writing)

c.  judge says I intent to grant jj => not final jj

d.  S&A Restaurant court said he would approve the jj and this wasn't final

e.  stmt of "about to" render jj is not enough

4.  Multiple D's

a.  get severed

b.  ???

5.  Judgment: 

a.  get in writing

b.  get it dated

C.  Trial court's plenary power

1.  TRCP 306a:  periods run from when jj signed

2.  need date

3.  trial clerk is supposed to send you notice of the jj

4.  if you don't get notice of a jj 306a(4)

a.  w/in 20 days after the jj

b.  party or atty has not actual notice

c.  time to appeal runs from date you got notice

d.  except never starts to run more than 90 days after jj signed

ex.  jj on day 1; on the 22d day you notice there's a jj (actual kn); since this is w/in 20-90 days, you can still appeal

file notice w/ trial ct judge saying no notice until 22d day,; now 22d day becomes day 1 for timing purposes

if you get notice on 19th day, you have only 11 more days to file

5.  nunc pro tunc orders:  if typo kind of error on jj you can get it corrected


6.  time to file appeal motion

a.  general rule:  (329bd) jj + trial ct has 30 days of plenary power

i.   procedures

A. can file MNT

B. can file moition to correct, reform jj

ii.  effect:  filing A or B extends trial ct's power up to 75 days from date of jj

A. if no ruling => automatically overruled after 75 days

B. writen order to overrule

iii.  if overruled => trial ct. gets 30 more days! (for A or B)

iv.  if granted (any part at all) => all your deadlines start over

b.  329b(g):  329b(h) if judge changes jj in any respect, timetables start over; 329b(d)

c.  Lane Bank  (wasn't listening; on p 7);  held that only a motion seeking a substantive change wasn't a 329b motion and din't extend plenary power (I think that included habeus)

D.  Trial court's power to grant a new trial

1.  necessity of written order

a.  trial judge can do anything during the 30 days even if you don't reqeuest anything

b.  when you want a MNT bring an order w/ you so it will be easy to get it signed b/c it must be written and sigend to be an effective mNT w/in the deadline

2.  The order granting the NT is not reviewable.

E.  Preserving Complaints for Review

1.  necessity for preservation

2.  general rules

a.  specific timely objection & get ruling

b.  does the complaint presernt error?

c.  was there harm?

3.  evidentiary requirements

a.  object, specific, ruiling, oop if necessary w/ ct reporter

b.  sustained:  don't have to reobject

c.  overruled: 

4.  Motions in limine...more