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Administrative Law

 I.        Introduction and Overview

II.     Congress, the Agencies, and the “Non-Delegation” Doctrine

A.     The New Deal

1.      Panama Refining

2.      Schechter

B.     The Modern Formulation

1.      Mistretta

2.      Industrial Union

C.     Problem:  Delegation Handout

II.     The Agencies and the Executive Branch

A.     Appointment of Agency Officers

1.      Buckley

2.      Morrison

3.      Weiss

4.      Edmond

B.     Removal of Officers

1.      Myers

2.      Humphrey’s Executor

3.      Bowsher

4.      Morrison

III.   Agency Powers

IV.  Obtaining Information from the Government

A.     FOIA

B.     Federal Privacy Act

V.     Agency Policymaking:  Rule v. Order

VI.  Agency Policymaking:  Rulemaking

VII.  Constitutional Due Process

VIII.     Agency Policymaking:  Adjudications

IX.  Judicial Review of Agency Action

A.     Preclusion

B.     Standing

C.     Exhaustion, Ripeness and Primary Jurisdiction

D.     Review on the Merits


How Agencies make decisions



Judicial Review

Cardinal Rules

1.   Administrative agencies have powers only insofar as Congress authorizes.

No Common Law Agencies

No Court Agencies

No Self-Created Agencies

2.      Better win the case at the agency level.

Courts won’t bail out sloppy lawyering at the agency level. 

Courts rarely reverse agency decisions.

3.      Know your agency.






Ultra Vires – In excess of powers.  Within boundaries of statute.

Canon of Construction

1.      With a list of items, the inclusion of one item means the exclusion of all other items.

2.      Saving phrase – “but not limited to”

3.      See Article III, Section 2 for exhaustive list of saving phrases... more